Henley Choral Society - Purcell Dido & Aeneas

3 April 2017

The choir operated throughout as a well-drilled unit, every entry razor-sharp. They had been thoroughly prepared and responded as one body to the subtleties of Asprey’s intensely musical direction ... Peter Asprey was as attentive to the instrumentalists as he was to the choir, making a real difference to the overall shaping of the work.”  

Trevor Howell, Henley Standard


Henley Choral Society - Christmas Concert

20 December 2016

“Peter Asprey proved outstanding in the handling of his resources. Clearly endowed with the gift of performance, he was able, in the moment, not only to sculpt the overall shape of each of the works but to bring out the musical nuances that make such a difference to the listening experience. 

He has a perfect instinct for tempi, rubatos, crescendos, diminuendos and how much time to allow between phrases.”

Trevor Howell, Henley Standard

London Symphony Chorus - Janacek Glagolitic Mass

13 February 2008

“The London Symphony Chorus, about 120 strong, coped well with the Old Slavonic language and produced an impressive range of tone, at times thrilling in its corporate attack, at others very moving in its hushed responses to the conductor's total control of this difficult work”  

Geoff Brown, The Times

Berkshire Youth Choir - Mozart Requiem


“This was a remarkable performance delivered to a very high standard under the leadership of Peter Asprey. The chorus was assured and confident and with an equally mature Berkshire Festival Orchestra thrilled the audience.  All aspects of the performance underlined the care and enthusiasm of the preparation. Tuning and pace were faultless and the contrasts within the piece were highlighted perfectly by the chorus and orchestra and the line up of excellent soloists.”